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Squeezed in a walk at the weekend with my brother as he came over to stay a night,  my sister is not joining us this time as she is in sunny Spain (so jealous), so it is just bro and I.  My brother has not  done Mam Tor before and I have not been to Castleton, so we decided to do the hike from Castleton and do a full circle. I do not think I will be losing my brother this time round πŸ€” (see previous hike Blencathra).

Total Distance: 9 Miles
Steps: ~40,000 Steps
Highest Point: 1692 Feet
Total Realistic Time: ~5 Hours

Mam Tor is a 517 m (1,696 ft) hill near Castleton in the High Peak of Derbyshire, England. Its name means “mother hill”, so called because frequent landslips on its eastern face have resulted in a multitude of “mini-hills” beneath it. These landslips, which are caused by unstable lower layers of shale, also give the hill its alternative name of Shivering Mountain.

There are many public car parking places around the area of Castleton, we headed to Peak Cavern All Day Car Park Β£7 at the time. As we neared the car park, there are many lay-bys for parking and it is free, there were plenty of spaces when we got there at 10am on a Sunday. The toilets are just down the road at Castleton Visitor Centre along with an outdoor cafe.

This was the planned route, started in Castleton towards Speedwell Cavern and many more caverns along the way to Mam Tor or The Shivering Mountain. We added an extra bit towards Hope then back round to Castleton.

We headed to Castleton Visitor Centre for the free public toilets before we started our hike. Perfect weather, light clouds and sunny parts.

We took the stone path towards Speedwell Cavern.

When you get to Speedwell Cavern next to the car park on the right, you will see a small gate. This will take you towards Treak Cliff Cavern, a gradual incline to get you going.

To the side of Treak Cliff Cavern there is a gate you go through, this takes you towards Blue John Cavern and you can see the view of Mam Tor where we are heading.

You head towards Windy Knoll. The previous time I did the hike with my sister we parked near there. It is much closer to Mam Tor if you just want to do just that, still a good workout.

This is where the workout begins, towards the highest point on this hike, Mam Tor.

Good to see many enjoying the walk up to Mam Tor

Made it to Mam Tor, enjoying it so far. I have been a few times, each time a different experience, and each time I marvel at the views. Amazing every time.

Heading towards Hollins Cross.

It is downhill most of the way from this point.

The rest of the way back down towards Castleton was mainly via farmers fields, bridge, train track crossing and a little hi from a friendly sheep.

We were ready for food so we stopped off at the recommended place called Three Roofs Cafe.

After demolishing the gorgeous fresh food, my brother could not wait with the cream scones, then we had a look around the local area before heading back.

There are a few more places to see, Peveril Castle and also another cavern, Peak Cavern or The Devil’s Arse!

Peveril Castle (also Castleton Castle or Peak Castle) is a ruined 11th-century castle overlooking the village of Castleton in the English county of Derbyshire.

The Peak Cavern, also known as The Devil’s Arse, is one of the four show caves in Castleton, Derbyshire, England.  Peakshole Water flows through and out of the cave, which has the largest cave entrance in Britain.


Enjoyed this route very much, it was more stone paths and very scenic. A lot of spots to visit, you need more time in the area particularly if you want to visit all the caverns and the castle in the area. No dramas on this route, it is sign posted all the way, and also there are many different routes you can take. Previous times I did Mam Tor, I started in Windy Knoll and also Edale is a good place to start from too. I will be returning again at some point, it is one of my favourites.


  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro (for taking photos/videos and mapping using OS Maps)
  • Comfy walking shoes (most important)
  • Flask with Hot/Cold drink (a good cuppa is always welcome)
  • ibuprofen (helping hand if you have any aches and pains)
  • Food and snacks (fuel to keep you going)


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