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It was my brother’s birthday this week so we decided to meet up at the weekend and do a walk, along with a meal and an ice cream treat.

Total Distance: 6.5 Miles
Highest Point: 692 Feet
Total Realistic Time: ~2.5 Hours

Scorton is a small village near the River Wyre, in the Wyre district of Lancashire, England. It is located north of Garstang. The name means “farmstead near a ditch or ravine.”

More information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scorton,_Lancashire

Parked at Scorton Picnic Site car park near the village of Scorton. Free parking, there are no toilets available here but plenty of trees and bushes. There are free toilets available in Scorton Village which is not far.

Following is the route we took:

We started at Scorton Picnic Site car park and headed into the village of Scorton where there are free toilets by The Barn. At the time The Barn was not open as we started our walk early in the morning on Sunday, however I was told they do lovely food and amazing ice cream, so definitely worth a visit in the future.

Lovely and green heading towards Scorton Village
This is opposite The Barn, there are many cafes to choose from

A select set of views we had going up over Nicky Nook

A short video of the surrounding area

After the short walk we stopped off at the Applestore cafe to treat our brother to a birthday meal. It was a very good choice. There was a queue as we got there around 12:30pm, however it did go down very quickly. They were very organised and they had a lot of outdoor seating areas which was perfect with the weather.

Up this path to the Applestore cafe, they have huge outdoor eating area, perfect for days like this

After the meal we headed back to our cars at Scorton Picnic Site and decided to visit the famous family run Wallings ice cream parlour in Garstang for an extra birthday treat for my brother. My sister and I have not been before, so it was a treat for us too.

Wallings Ice Cream – farm shop, cafe and ice cream parlour

The weather was amazing and we did not realise how busy this place was. However there is ample parking and seating areas and there was a long queue for the famous ice cream. Whilst you wait in line, they have a big poster on the side of the building with all the 42 flavours of ice cream available 😳 and different cone sizes. 

I needed that queueing time to decide which flavour I finally wanted, such a hard decision. I finally went with Apple Pie.

I was so glad I went for just the 1 scoop, its the biggest 1 scoop ice cream cone I have seen. I was happy with my choice, it was delicious, not too sweet at all, leaving you wanting more to be honest. If you are in the area, it is definitely worth a visit.

We went for a few more shorter walks around the area to walk off the ice cream, we went to Glassondock and then to Morecambe for a little stroll on the promenade as the weather was still good. 

A great day out with the family, and I am pretty sure my brother enjoyed all his birthday treats.


  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro (for photos/videos)
  • Comfy walking shoes (most important)
  • Flask with Hot drink (a good cuppa is always welcome)
  • ibuprofen (helping hand if you have any aches and pains)
  • Food and snacks (fuel to keep you going)


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