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Total Distance: 2 Miles
Highest Point: 154 Feet
Total Realistic Time: ~45 Mins

The Natural Monument of Montaña Amarilla in Tenerife ( Canary Islands , Spain ) is a protected landscape located in the south of the island. It is composed of a volcanic building that originated due to eruptive activity of the phreatomagmatic type, that is, eruptions that are accompanied by explosive phenomena when magma comes into contact with water , in this case, sea water.” from Wikipedia.

If you are in the southern part of Tenerife – Costa Del Silencio area, there is a nice walk to the top of a once volcanic hill offering excellent views of the area and beyond.

Monumento Natural de Montana Amarilla
Route (in blue): From our hotel to the top of Montaña Amarilla
Below Montaña Amarilla
Steep section up Montaña Amarilla
360º View at the top

More photos on the top of Montaña Amarilla:




The route to the start of Montaña Amarilla is flat from the hotel.  When you start going up Montaña Amarilla, it does get very steep part way on the main path, so suitable footwear recommended.  However, my partner found a longer less steep path round the left side of the main path to take you up to the top.

Once you get to the top you can take it further and walk all the way round the top of the volcanic hill.

Here is a short video of the surrounding views when you get to the top:

Well worth the effort.

More walks in Tenerife coming out later in the year 2020.


  • Apple iPhone XS (for photos and video footage)
  • Gaia Maps app (free version – I use for tracking the walk and locating areas using way points with photos which is very handy)
  • Comfy trainer shoes (most important)
  • Sunscreen Protection (very hot, especially at the top of the hill)
  • Sunglasses (protect your eyes from the strong sun)
  • Cap (extra protection from the strong sun)

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