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Total Distance: 14 Miles
Highest Point: 2897 Feet
Total Realistic Time: 9 Hours

Crinkle Crags is a fell in the English Lake District in the county of Cumbria. It forms part of two major rings of mountains, surrounding the valleys of Great Langdale and Upper Eskdale. The name reflects the fell’s physical appearance as its summit ridge is a series of five rises and depressions (crinkles) that are very distinctive from the valley floor.

 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crinkle_Crags

Langdale Crinkle Crags
Langdale Crinkle Crags

Got to stickle barn national trust car park in Langdale for 9:00am.

Langdale Crinkle Crag - 1
Car Park
Langdale Crinkle Crag - 2
The Start

First hill not far into the walk was hard going it was a gradual uphill constantly.  Legs did not feel alive yet.

Langdale Crinkle Crag - 6
Great views looking back down
Langdale Crinkle Crag - 7
Paths consisted of big steps
Langdale Crinkle Crag - 8
Paths leading the way
Langdale Crinkle Crag - 9
More great clear views
Food time
A fuel stop to take in the views whilst having some lovely sandwiches

Paths consisted of stone, smaller stones, grass so a varied terrain.  A small section where there was a bit of scrambling involved to get to the top of Crinkle Crag or other option to walk round which would have taken triple the time and less of a challenge.

After that we headed towards Bow Fell and we went up Esk Pike for a challenge.  Tackling more hills to build our leg strength and cardio.  Amazing views on the day – took way too many photos.  From there we could see Scafell Pike across the way – which had a layer of snow at the peak.

Langdale Crinkle Crag - 17
Still some snow on the tops

We saw small sections of snow on our hike but very tiny compared to the amount we saw across Scafell Pike way.

The downhill back to Langdale was very challenging on the knees.  Keeping the thigh and calves activated when going down the never ending hill saved my knees, especially my left knee usually has issues.  I did not even have my usual knee support and by the end of the downhill which lasted about 5 miles my knees were still feeling great.  I definitely felt it working my thighs and calves.

So it was a challenging hike this one but great for training for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in 12 hours challenge.  We did 14 miles in 9 hours, so we still have a way to go.  The summer time has kicked in and I am ready for this.

Pub for a welcome pint

There is a pub at the end of the downhill section which signals you have finished the hike and a great way to finish.


  • Apple iPhone XS (for use of OS apps for lazy mapping)
  • OS Maps app (signed up to 1 year auto renew at £19.99 to use the app with OS Explorer Map 1:25k – click here for more info)
  • Gaia Maps app (free version – I use for tracking walk)
  • Comfy walking shoes (most important)
  • Extra socks (keep the feet happy when needed)
  • Waterproof Jacket (always a must, the weather changes alot in the hills/mountains)
  • Long sleeve and/or short sleeve (for layering)
  • Neck scarf (extra warmth and protection if needed)
  • Gloves (if scrambling is required)
  • 2 litres of water
  • Flask with Hot drink (a good cuppa is always welcome)
  • ibuprofen (helping hand if you have any aches and pains)
  • Food and snacks (fuel to keep you going)

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