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My sister and I decided to meet up half way at Devil’s Bridge in Kirby Lonsdale for a remembrance walk to our mum who we lost recently to Thrombosis.

It was one part of a walk we did with mum last year which she enjoyed very much, well the part we walked today is the section she preferred rather than the Whittington without a Cat trail section (too much cow poo my mum said).

Total Distance: 3 Miles
Highest Point: 210 Feet
Total Realistic Time: ~1 Hour

Kirkby Lonsdale is a town and civil parish in the South Lakeland district of Cumbria, England, on the River Lune. Historically in Westmorland, it lies 13 miles (21 km) south-east of Kendal on the A65. The parish recorded a population of 1,771 in the 2001 census, increasing to 1,843 at the 2011 Census (including Middleton).  Notable buildings include St Mary’s Church, a Norman building with fine carved columns. The view of the River Lune from the churchyard is known as Ruskin’s View after John Ruskin, who called it one of the loveliest in England. It was painted by J. M. W. Turner.  Read more here:

There is free parking on either side of Devil’s Bridge, most of the motorbikes park on one side of the bridge and the other mostly cars.  There are toilets at the bridge, however it is 40p for a visit and it takes contactless too if you are desperate.  There is a butty van on one side of the bridge which apparently serves great bacon butties and another van which serves Yorkshire ice cream.

devils bridge car park
Car Park using Google Maps

Ruskin's View
Route created using OS Maps

Start on the path which is on the side of Devil’s Bridge not far from the toilets and head towards the Radical Steps, the clear path is along the River Lune.

Ruskin view 1
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This is the view across the river at the bottom of the Radical Steps

Once up the steep steps, there is a path that leads you to Ruskin’s View.  There are seats along this area to take in the view across the river.

Favourites - 5 of 18

From Ruskin’s View point the path leads to a little wooded area which takes you towards Home farm.

Favourites - 6 of 18
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As it was lambing season there were a lot of little lambs enjoying the sun and they were so beautiful.  There is a public footpath through the farm land, amazing views around the area.  The footpath takes you to a business centre, looks like a lovely place to have your offices.

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Saw a lovely lodge just outside of the business centre

From here we decided to walk back the same way but instead take the lower path from the start of the public footpath back to Ruskin’s View.

Favourites - 12 of 18
Start of lower footpath from Home farm
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Views before you walk up towards a wooden bridge
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From the wooden bridge this leads you back to the main path to Ruskin’s View.  The wooden bridge looks like it has been recently rebuilt and widened since the last time we visited last July 2020.

We stopped at a seating area to have some lunch and take in the sights across the river. 

View from the seating area looking across River Lune

There is a QR code on the bench which gives you a video story of J M W Turner who visited Kirkby Lonsdale on his Grand Tour of Yorkshire in 1816, here is the link: 

YouTube link – J M W Turner ‘the painter of light’

We sat taking in the sun, catching up and remembering the last time we were here with mum and the lovely memories.

After the fuel stop we walked back to the bridge going back down the Radical Steps.  The steps are quite narrow and steep, they can be slippery when wet so please take care.

Back on the bridge, we decided to get an ice cream and enjoy some more of the sun by the river on a bench looking across to Devil’s Bridge before we headed our separate ways home.

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It was a lovely day and a beautiful walk in remembrance to our mum 🥲


  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro (for use of OS apps for lazy mapping and photos/videos)
  • OS Maps app (premium version – I use for following the route)
  • Comfy walking shoes (most important)
  • Flask with Hot drink (a good cuppa is always welcome)
  • ibuprofen (helping hand if you have any aches and pains)
  • Food and snacks (fuel to keep you going)


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